Poster Abstract Submissions

Congratulations to the outstanding winners of the Joe Wong Poster Award Competition (and thank you to the SSRL and LCLS UEC Judges)!

Camila Bacellar, Graduate Student, University of California Berkeley/LBNL:  Imaging Anisotropic Nanoplasma Dynamics in Superfluid Helium Droplets

Fang Ren, Stanford University/SSRL Material Science Division:  Identify Phases in Materials - Human or Robot?

Anna Wise, Stanford University/SSRL Material Science Division:  High Resolution Chemical Mapping of Energy-related Materials: Development of Soft X-ray Ptychography at SSRL

(Left to Right:  Camila Bacellar, Petra Fromme, Fang Ren, Blaine Mooers, Anna Wise. Photo:  Piero Pianetta, 2016)

If you missed this session, you missed a great time discussing the latest science, facility and instrument developments on a lovely fall evening on the patio of the new SUSB. But, there's always next year so start planning ahead ...

See submitted abstracts below (click on ‘PDF' for more information). For questions regarding abstract(s), please email Lisa Dunn.

Poster Board Assignment Number Last Name First Name Poster Abstract Title PDF File Competition Entry Student
63 Al Haddad Andre Time-resolved Photoemission Experiments at LCLS PDF    
30 Austin Dane Machine Learning Applied to Single-Shot X-ray Diagnostics at High-repetition Rate XFELs PDF    
22 Bacellar Camila Imaging Anisotropic Nanoplasma Dynamics in Superfluid Helium Droplets PDF X X
27 Bachas-Daunert Stephanie Arsenic and the Gut Microbiome: A Case Study for Application of Synchrotron Radiation in Microbiome Research PDF X X
44 Bruening Karsten Innovative In-Situ Processing of Perovskites PDF    
70 Carranza Eduardo  Expression, Purification, and Crystallization of the Recombinant Hemoglobin Mutant Protein alpha E7LE11F/beta Wildtype for X-ray Diffraction Studies PDF   X
54 Chaires Hector A Structural Approach to a Global Concern, New Delhi Metallo β-Lactamase(NDM-1)  PDF X X
71 Chase Tyler Probing Non-equilibrium Phonons in Ni PDF    
35 Condamine Florian Study of Betatron X-ray Spectra and Electron Energy Spectra Generated by Laser Wakefield Acceleration at MEC Facility PDF   X
29 Conradson Devon Solving the Structure of Light-dependent POR PDF X X
46 Dey Avishek Direct Write Plasma Printing of Metallic Films from Metal Oxides Nanoparticles by In-Situ Tailoring of Oxidation State PDF X X
14 Doukov Tzanko Sulfur-SAD at 15000 eV? Optimize Your Phasing Experiment in Time and Space PDF    
25 Dustin Megan Alteration of Kerogen during Reaction with Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid  PDF   X
12 Eilert Andre XANES and APXPS of Cu: Formation Mechanism and Chemical Selectivity of a CO2 Reduction Reaction Catalyst PDF X  
1 Frank Patrick Spin-polarization and Spectroscopic Validation of the σ-Bond Electron Transfer Mechanism of Redox Metalloproteins PDF    
57 Gibbons Brenna Silver Copper Nanoparticles for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction PDF   X
9 Gold-Parker Aryeh Chlorine and the Kinetics of Formation of CH3NH3PbI3-xClx for Perovskite Solar Cells PDF X X
65 Granitzka Patrick Dielectric Laser-field Enhancement for Magnetization Switching in Granular FePt Recording Media PDF   X
33 Ha Yang Evaluate the Shift of Redox Potential of [Fe4S4] Clusters in Protein Tuned by Environment Using S K-edge XAS PDF X X
78 Haldrup Kristoffer Femtosecond Tracking of Structure and Spin in Molecular Systems PDF    
76 Hegazy Kareem Combining Nuclear and Electronic Structure Measurements in UED and LCLS PDF X X
66 Higley Daniel Nonlinear X-ray Absorption Observed Below Sample Damage Fluence PDF X X
23 Hoffman Adam X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy & Complementary Catalyst Characterization Techniques: Highly Uniform Supported Single-site Metal Catalysts PDF X X
17 Hok Sovanndara Simulated Weathering Effects on the Bioaccessibility and Speciation of Arsenic in Mine Tailings PDF X X
45 Howell Deja The Expression, Purification, and Crystallization of Myoglobin PDF   X
59 Huang Edwin Numerical Evidence of Fluctuating Stripes in High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors PDF X X
55 Iglehart Nia A Journey to the Crystallized Structure of KPC-2; β-lactamase Derived from Klebsiella pneumoniae PDF   X
53 Iyer Mukund Attempting to Solve the Crystal Structure of β-Lactamase, TEM-60 PDF X X
50 Jew Adam The Importance of pH, Oxygen, and Bitumen on the Oxidation and Precipitation of Fe(III)-(oxy)hydroxides during Hydraulic Fracturing of Oil/Gas Shales PDF   X
56 Kabayiza Fiacre Communicating X-ray Crystallography Concepts through Game-based Learning PDF   X
31 Knoska Juraj Novel Sample Delivery Systems for Serial Femtosecond Crystallography and Time-resolved SFX Experiments PDF   X
7 Kozina Michael Structural Dynamics of SrTiO3 Films under Single-cycle THz Excitation PDF X  
40 Larsson Daniel In Situ Imaging of Li-ion Transport in Fe3O4 Battery Electrodes PDF    
10 Lazarou Tomas Progress Toward Characterizing Allosteric Communication in Coagulation Factor IXa and Its Relationship to Enzymatically Debilitating Hemophilia B Mutations PDF X X
39 Le Guyader Loic Ultrafast Charge Density Wave Dynamics in 1T-TaS2 Investigated Using Ultrafast Electron Diffraction PDF    
69 Lee Sang Jun Superconducting Transition-edge Sensors for Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Materials at Ultra-low Concentrations PDF X  
73 Li Po-Nan Resolution Enhancement of Transmission X-ray Microscopy Using Coherent Diffraction
49 Liang H. Winnie Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Effects of Nitrogen Co-ligand in Valence Tautomeric Cobalt Bis(o-dioxolene) Complexes PDF X X
62 Lim Hyeongtaek Cu Kβ X-ray Emission Spectroscopy as a Probe of Coordination Environments of Cu(I) Sites PDF X X
32 Liu TianMin Reveal the Microscopic Picture of Optically Induced Magnetization Dynamics in GdFeCo PDF   X
74 Marchis Franck Study of the PSF of MAPX, a Mapping X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for Characterizing Rocks on Mars and  Asteroids PDF    
18 Martin Garcia Jose Serial Millisecond Crystallography at the Advanced Photon Source PDF    
75 Mashayekhi Ghoncheh Structure Determination of pr772 Virus from Single Particle XFEL Data PDF    
8 Meehdi Mo Segad Hard/Tender Resonant X-ray Scattering Technique for Advanced Materials PDF   X
38 Miller Elizabeth Operando X-ray Spectromicroscopy of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries PDF X  
77 Mo Mianzhen Melting Dynamics of Radiation Damaged Tungsten Studied with Ultrafast Electron Diffraction PDF    
58 Nowak Stanislaw High Energy Resolution Tender X-ray Spectroscopy at SSRL PDF X  
67 O'Neil Galen Tabletop Picosecond Time-resolved X-ray Emission and Absorption Spectroscopy with Ultra-efficient Spectrometers PDF X  
51 Ogembo Maia  Understanding the Adaptation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to Colistin and the Mechanism of a Synthesized Pyrrolidinone Antibiotic PDF   X
41 Olmos Jose Towards Structure Based Enzymology at an X-ray Free Electron Laser PDF X X
5 Picón Antonio Two-color X-ray Spectroscopy for X-ray Induced Phenomena in Clusters and Molecules PDF X X
48 Rao Yashas WITHDRAWN - Elucidation of First Ambient-temperature 50S Ribosomal Subunit & Selenium-SAD de-Novo Phasing Using an XFEL PDF X X
36 Ren Fang Identify Phases in Materials - Human or Robot? PDF X  
42 Ren Fang Accelerating Discovery and Optimizing Industrial-scale Synthesis of Functional Materials PDF    
16 Ruta Francesco High-throughput Screening of Compositionally-graded Al-Cr-Fe Thin Films Using Machine Learning Techniques PDF X X
3 Savikhin Victoria Morphological Changes of PTB7 with High Temperature Annealing PDF X X
4 Schelhas Laura Operando X-ray Diffraction of CH3NH3PbI3 Solar Cells PDF X  
26 Shulda Sarah 3D Transmission X-ray Microscopy Characterization of PtNi Extended Surface Catalyst Electrodes PDF   X
47 Sim Kelly Isolating LiaS From Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium PDF   X
72 Smith Clyde Macromolecular Crystallography at SSRL and LCLS PDF    
60 Soifer Hadas Linear Coherent Response in trARPES Reveals Electron-Phonon Coupling in Fe-based Superconductors PDF X  
24 Stachowski Timothy Prospective Studies on the Complete Dynamics of TGF-β1 Latent Protein Dissociation PDF   X
11 Thompson Michael Infrared Laser-induced Temperature-jump: A General Perturbation Method for Studying Protein Dynamics with Time-resolved X-ray Scattering and Diffraction  PDF X  
13 Tian Chixia Structural Stability of Nickel-rich Layered Cathode Materials PDF X  
28 Titus Charles Probing Symmetry, Spin, and Valency of Metal Centers via Ultra-sensitive Soft X-ray Detectors PDF X X
61 Vinson John The Effects of Quantum Nuclei on Near-edge X-ray Spectroscopy in Crystalline Solids PDF    
64 Weninger Clemens Ultrafast Dynamics of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides PDF    
68 Wise Anna High Resolution Chemical Mapping of Energy-related Materials: Development of Soft X-ray Ptychography at SSRL PDF X  
6 Wu Liheng Accelerating Nanoparticle Synthetic Development Using In Situ Small Angle X-ray Scattering PDF X  
20 Wu Xiaoxi Light-induced Picosecond Rotational Disordering of the Inorganic Sublattice in Hybrid Perovskites PDF X  
15 Xiong Hongyu Probing Topological Materials with Spin-, Time-, and Angle- Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy PDF X X
37 Xu Yahong Structural Integrity: Key Factor to Suppress Voltage Fade of Li-rich Layered Cathode Materials PDF X X
34 Yan James L-Edge Spectroscopic Investigation of {FeNO}6: Factors Determining Delocalization vs Antiferromagnetic Coupling PDF   X
2 Yoon Tae-Sung Serial Crystallography Data Processing for PAL-XFEL PDF    
43 Yuan Edwin Detecting  Spin Currents by the Emission of THz Radiation PDF   X
21 Zeng Zhiyuan In Situ Multimodal Characterization of Lithium/Sodium Ion Batteries by Using Electrochemical Liquid Cell PDF    
19 Zhang Yu Coherent Control of Long-range Photoinduced Electron Transfer by Stimulated X-ray Raman Processes PDF