List of Submitted Poster Abstracts

Discuss the latest science, facility and instrument developments with other users as well as LCLS and SSRL scientists during the users' conference poster session. Poster presenters are also invited to make a quick pitch for their poster at the end of the plenary session on Thursday, October 8. To participate in the Poster Blitz, prepare a creative ~30-45 second pitch for your poster and send one PowerPoint slide via email to Bill 'PosterMeister" Schlotter before cob October 6. Be Creative!

See submitted abstracts below (click on 'Details' for more information). For questions regarding abstract(s), please email Lisa Dunn.

Poster Board assignment # Last Name First Name Poster Abstract Title Details
1 Ablikim Utuq Atoms and molecules under ultra-intense X-ray pulses: from soft to hard X-rays Details
2 Awel Salah Optical focusing of isolated particles for diffractive imaging experiments Details
3 Bacellar Camila Exploring the Origins of Vorticity in Superfluid Helium Nanodroplets by Ultrafast X-ray Coherent Diffractive Imaging Details
4 Battistoni Andrea Pushing four wave mixing experiments to the VUV and X-rays regimes. Details
5 Birkner Nancy Thermodynamic and mechanistic factors controlling the transformation of nanophase Mn oxides Details
6 Bothschafter Elisabeth Ultrafast sublattice demagnetization dynamics of multiferroic TbMnO3 Details
7 Chaix Laura Doping dependence of excitations in the electron-doped cuprate superconductor Nd2-xCexCuO4 Details
8 Chase Tyler Non-Equilibrium Phonons in Au Details
9 Chen Zhao Resonant X-Ray Stimulated Scattering in Solids at a Free Electron Laser Details
10 Condamine Florian Single-hit spectroscopy of betatron X-ray spectra generated by laser wakefield acceleration Details
11 Dunten Pete Macromolecular Crystallography - Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source Details
12 Dustin Megan Kerogen-Hydraulic Fracture Fluid Interactions Details
13 Eilert Andre Approaching the Carbon Dioxide Reduction Reaction with Ambient-Pressure X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Details
14 Fakhreddine Sarah Mechanisms of arsenic desorption from clay mineral surfaces during managed aquifer recharge Details
15 Frank Patrick Does Polarization Dominate Solvation of the Halides? Details
16 Fruit Byron Servo vs. Stepper motors: Minimum Incremental Motion and Holding Stability in Beamline Positioning Details
17 Gold-Parker Aryeh Chlorine in PbCl2-derived Perovskite Films Details
18 Granitzka Patrick Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in heterogeneous granular FePt media Details
19 Ha Yang Combine Metal K-edge and Ligand (S) K-edge XAS to Understand the Electronic Structures of V Complexes Details
20 Ha Yang Combine Metal K-edge XAS/EXAFS and Ligand (S) K-edge XAS Methods to Understand The Metal Ion Specific Response of NikR Proteins Details
21 Harrison Anna A Geochemical Framework for Evaluating Shale-Hydraulic Fracture Fluid Interactions Details
22 Hashimoto Makoto Direct Evidence for Phase competition between the  pseudogap and superconductivity in BiSr2CaCu2O8+δ Details
23 Hausladen Debra Visualizing Cr(VI) generation within structured soils and sediments Details
24 He Jungfeng Spectroscopic evidence for negative electronic compressibility in a quasi-three-dimensional spin-orbit correlated metal Details
25 He Yu Evidence for ‘pure’ d-wave superconductivity in extremely overdoped BiSr2CaCu2O8+δ Details
26 Higley Daniel Femtosecond X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy at an X-Ray Free Electron Laser Details
27 Hoffmann Matthias THz pump experiments at LCLS Details
28 Hoidn Oliver What Can X-ray Heating Experiments Learn From Laser-Plasma Target Design?:  The Hot Electron Furnace Details
29 Horke Daniel COMOTION - Controlling the motion of large molecules and particles Details
30 Jang Hoyoung Opportunity for X-ray Scattering under High Pulsed Magnetic Field at LCLS Details
31 Jewell Leila Evidence for Clustering in As-Made Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanoparticles Details
32 Jiang Mason Anharmonic lattice dynamics in lead telluride Details
33 Jones Morris Inhibition Mechanism of Uranyl Reduction Induced by Calcium-Carbonato Complexes Details
34 Kehlberger Andreas Magnetic anisotropy manipulation in Ni nanostructures fabricated on VO2 (100) thin films imaged by time-resolved high resolution Details
35 Keiber Trevor Understanding the atomic scale local structure of thermoelectric materials Details
36 Kiss Andrew A micro-tomography Transmission X-ray Microscope for in situ Geoscience Applications Details
37 Kozina Michael Probing Phonon Dispersion of Nanostructured Materials utilizing FT-IXS Details
38 Krest Courtney M. X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging Of Plants Originating On And Off Serpentine From Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve Details
39 Kroll Thomas Observation of Stimulated Hard X-ray Emission Spectroscopy in Manganese Solutions Details
40 Kunnus Kristjan Femtosecond Soft X-ray RIXS of Fe(CO)5: Orbital-specific Mapping of Excited State Dynamics in Solution Details
41 Lairson Bruce Large Area Soft X-ray and Tender X-ray Windows Details
42 Lecante Pierre Structural study of bi-metallic Fe-Bi nanocomposites Details
43 Lee James Advances in MBE and in-situ ARPES systems for probing electronic structure of materials Details
45 Li Chunlei Characterization of the SR Visible Beam Polarization State at SPEAR3 Details
46 Li Chunlei Continuous Scan Capability at SSRL and Applications to X-ray Diffraction Experiments Details
44 Lin Daniel Architecture of the nuclear pore complex coat Details
47 Liu TianMin Nanoscale Confinement of All-Optical Magnetic Switching in TbFeCo Details
48 MacKeen Cameron Enormous X-ray Induced Valence Reduction of Yb in CaF2 from 3+ to 2+ Details
49 Mannebach Ehren

Dynamic structural response and deformations of monolayer MoS2 visualized by femtosecond electron diffraction

50 Mathews Irimpan A multimethodological approach uncovers previously undetected conformational change in CLC transporters Details
51 Miller Allen Distortions induced in the Ce-Sb4 chains by doping. Details
52 Mooers Blaine Two levels of translational pseudosymmetry hinder structure determination by direct methods of dsRNA from trypanosomes Details
53 Nast Patrick Comparison of Sb doped Filled Skutterudites CePt4Ge12 and PrPt4Ge12 Details
54 Nelson Joey XAS studies of Zn adsorption to silica under nano-confinement Details
55 Noel Vincent Regional importance of organic-rich sediments to uranium mobility in the upper Colorado River Basin Details
56 Park Jeongwon X-ray Spatial Light Modulator Details
57 Pedersen Anders Mass Selected PtxGd Nanoparticles and Gd/Pt(111) Single Crystal as Model Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Details
58 Perakis Foivos X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy of liquid water Details
59 Rebernik Ribic Primoz Spatio-temporal shaping of seeded free-electron laser pulses Details
60 Russi Silvia Radiation damage effects on protein conformation at room temperature and 100K Details
61 Schenk Gundolf The Potential of Correlated SAXS for Observing Supercoils in Randomly Oriented Ensembles of DNA Fragments Details
62 Sheffels Sara History through spectroscopy: illuminating the story of a 12th century sue jar Details
63 Sierra Raymond Concentric Sample Injector Reveals Room Temperature Structure of Ribosome-Antibiotic Complex Details
64 Smith Clyde Structural Basis of Carbapenemase Activity in the OXA-51 Family of Class D β-Lactamases Details
65 Smith Henry Hyper Precision Diffractive-Optical Devices for High-Energy Applications Details
66 Sperling Philipp Free-electron x-ray laser measurements of collisional-damped plasmons in isochorically heated warm dense matter Details
67 Valenza Ryan CEI-XANES:  Pre-run Sample Validation and Other Synergies Between Lab-based XAFS and Synchrotron Studies Details
68 Valenza Ryan Warm Dense Crystallography Details
69 Woods-Robinson Rachel The Cu-Zn-S Phase Space: Unlocking the Mysteries of Promising p-type Transparent Conductors at SSRL Details
70 Xiong Hongyu Development of the next generation of spin-resolved photoemission spectroscopy Details
71 Yang Shuolong Purely experimental determination of electron-phonon coupling strength in FeSe superconductors Details
72 Yefanov Oleksandr Accurate determination of  segmented X-ray detector geometry Details
73 Yi Ming Strong correlation effects in iron chalcogenide superconductors Details
74 You Yong Atomic-scale view of strong-field processes in bulk crystals Details
75 Zhao Yun Iterative phasing of 2D crystal Details