XLDB-2013 Tutorial Speakers

NTUA, Greece

Foto N. Afrati is a professor in the Electrical and Computing Engineering Department of the NTUA, Greece since 1993, and is currently a visiting scientist at Google. She holds a PhD degree from Imperial College of the University of London.

Associate Professor, University of Washington

Magdalena Balazinska is an Associate Professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. She holds a PhD degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Michael A. Bender is an associate professor of computer science at Stony Brook University and Chief Scientist at Tokutek, Inc. His research interests include analysis of algorithms, databases, parallel computing, scheduling, data structures, and I/O-efficient computing on large data sets. Bender co-founded Tokutek in 2006, where he serves as Chief Scientist. He has held Visiting Scientist positions at both MIT and King's College London. Bender has coauthored over 990 articles. He was a member of the Sandia team that won the CPA R&D 100 Award for scheduling in parallel computers. He has also won four awards for graduate and undergraduate teaching. Bender received his B.A. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University in 1992 and obtained a D.E.A in Computer Science from the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France in 1993. He completed a Ph.D. on Scheduling Algorithms from Harvard University in 1998.

Chief Technology Officer, Teradata Corporation

Stephen Brobst is the CTO at Teradata. Previously, he found three start-up companies (one acquired by IBM, one acquired by NCR, and one IPO). Stephen performed his Masters and PhD research at the MIT in the area of high performance parallel processing. He also completed an MBA with joint course and thesis work at the Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management. Stephen was appointed by Barack Obama's Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) where he focused on Big Data strategy across all federal agencies.

Chief Architect, SciDB

Paul Brown is the Chief Architect for SciDB; an array database management system designed to scale in support of very large analytic workloads. His research interests include scientific and statistical data management. Before joining SciDB, Paul spent a decade working for IBM Research at the Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA where he focused on advanced database systems research. Before that, he worked for a series of database companies all distinguised by the fact their names started with the letter 'I'; Ingres, Illustra, and Informix. Paul is the author of several books about database technology, and a dozen research papers over the last fifteen years.

Senior Member or Technical Staff, eBay

Tom Fastner is a Senior Member of Technical Staff with eBay. Tom works on the architecture of the analytical platforms and related tools. He spends most of his time driving innovation to process Big Data. Tom instrumental in the deployment of private cloud computing and analytics as a service at eBay. Prior to joining eBay, Tom was a Teradata consultant at Safeway and various other large data warehouse installations. Previous to his days as a Teradata consultant, Tom worked for debis Systemhaus with several clients in the aerospace sector. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Principal Solutions Architect, Oracle

John Hax is a Principal Solutions Architect working with US Department of Energy and NASA. He leads architecture engagements on Big Data, Engineered Systems, and Cloud Strategies. He serves as the Oracle representative on the XLDB steering committee and reviewer of several technical journals. In addition, he has been published in IEEE and has presented at numerous conferences and industry meetings. In addition to a BS in Materials Engineering from NC State, John as certifications in both networking (Novell, Lucent) and storage area networks (EMC, McData.

Director of Research, University of Washington eScience Institute

Bill Howe is the Director of Research for Scalable Data Analytics at the University of Washington eScience Institute and an Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department of University of Washington. He holds a PhD. in Computer Science from Portland State University.

Founder and Chief Architect, Tokutek

Dr. Bradley C. Kuszmaul is a founder and Chief Architect at Tokutek and is a Research Scientist in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT CSAIL). His research focuses on developing computer systems and hardware that behave well both in practice and in theory. His entry won 5 out of 6 categories in Jim Gray’s 2007 "sorting benchmark contest" (http://sortbenchmark.org), sorting a terabyte in 197 seconds (he still holds the world record for sorting a terabyte since they retired that category in 2009). He formerly architected Akamai’s distributed data collection system, was a Yale Professor of Computer Science and was a principal network architect for the Thinking Machines Connection Machine CM-5. He was one of the developers of the MIT Cilk multithreaded programming system (and now Cilk appears both in gcc and in icc, the Intel compiler). He wrote, in Cilk, winning entries for 4 out of 12 of problems in the 2009 Intel Threading Challenge. His most recent research investigates cache-oblivious data structures for maintaining indexes on SSD and disk. He received 4 degrees from MIT (two S.B. degrees, an S.M. degree, and a Ph.D.)

Software Engineer, Metamarkets

Xavier is responsible for analytics in Druid and across the Metamarkets stack. Before joining Metamarkets he ran quantitative investment strategies at BlackRock and held investment analytics and quantitative research roles at Barclays Global Investors and MSCI. He holds an M.Eng degree in operations research from Cornell University and a Masters degree in engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Deputy CEO, 10gen

Paul Pedersen is the Deputy CEO at 10gen. Paul was formerly the cofounder of SearchMe, a multi-vertical search engine and MarkLogic, an XML/XQuery enterprise database. Prior to founding MarkLogic, Paul was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at UCLA and Cornell University. He graduated from Harvard University with Honors and holds a PhD in Computer Science from New York University.


Matthew Perry joined the Semantic Technologies team at Oracle in 2008. Prior to joining Oracle, he completed his Ph.D. at the Knoesis Center at Wright State University. His primary responsibility at Oracle is development of the SPARQL query engine for Oracle Database Semantic Technologies. As an Oracle representative, he participated in the W3C SPARQL 1.1 Working Group and in the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) GeoSPARQL Standard Working Group, where he was editor of the GeoSPARQL specification. His research interests include Semantic Web query languages and query processing.

Stanford University

Semih is a 4th year PhD student in the Computer Science department at Stanford, advised by Jennier Widom. Between 2006 and 2009, he was a software engineer at Google. His main interests are in systems and algorithms for doing distributed graph computation on large-scale graphs.

Senior Research Scientist, Google

Anish is a Senior Research Scientist at Google. He holds a PhD degree from Stanford University.

VP of Educational Services for Cloudera

Sarah Sproehnle is the VP of Educational Services for Cloudera where she helps people learn to use Apache Hadoop for big data processing. Prior to Cloudera, she spent several years educating people about MySQL, where she got excited about the opportunity to work with bigger and complex data.

Stanford University and CEO, Gradiance Corp

Jeffrey is the Stanford W. Ascherman Professor of Engineering (emeritus) in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford and CEO of Gradiance Corp. He received the PhD from Princeton in 1966. His interests include database theory, database integration, data mining, and education using the information infrastructure.

Consultant Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

Zhe Wu is a Consultant Member of Technical Staff working on semantic technologies in Oracle Headquarters in Redwood City, CA. He leads the development of the inference engire for W3C RDFS/SKOS/OWL in the database, Java APIs for Oracle RDF Semantic Graph, and RDF triple-level security. As an Oracle representative, he has been an active participant and contributor in the W3C OWL (OWL 2) working group. He has previously served as a member of the program committee for ESWC 2011, OrdRing 2011, ISWC 2010-2012, RR 2010, OWLED 2008-2013. Zhe has served as co-chair for JIST 2011 and he has served on the editorial board of SWJ 2010 (special issue on real-world applications of OWL). He has also served on UDDI standard specification technical committee from 2003 to 2005. Zhe received his PhD in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2001. He received his BE from the Special Class for Gifted Young, University of Science & Technology of China in 1996.

Software Engineer, Metamarkets

Fangjin is one of the first developers to Metamarkets and the Druid project. He mainly works on core infrastructure development. Fangjin comes to Metamarkets from Cisco where he developed diagnostic algorithms for various routers and switches. He holds a BASc in Electrical Engineering and a MASc in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.