XLDB-2013 Conference Program

08:00 AM   Continental Breakfast (registration starts 7:30 AM, Knight Management Center)      
9:00 AM 15 Welcome Chi-Chang Kao
(SLAC Director)
9:15 AM 15 Conference Introduction, Logistics
Update on XLDB activities, XLDB-2013 logistics, agenda
Jacek Becla
(SLAC, XLDB Chairman)
Realizing Dreams:
Big Data & Computing in Very Large Projects & Companies
Moderator: Anders Borgland    
9:30 AM 10 Session Introductions Anders Borgland    
9:40 AM 20 Data-Intensive Global Science - Zettabytes to Petabytes to Revelation
Richard Mount
10:00 AM 20 Evolution of Systems Infrastructure at Google Jeff Dean
10:20 AM 20 Coffee Break      
10:40 AM 20 Funding Big Data DBMS Technology at NSF: Research, Development, and Deployment
Frank Olken
11:00 AM 20 Make it Big by Working Fast and Small: A VCs View of Large-Scale Success
Greg Papadopoulos
(New Enterprise Associates)
11:20 AM 40 Discussion panel    
12:00 PM 60 Lunch      
Buy vs Build:
Why Large Projects Rebuild, Not Reuse?
Moderator: Kian-Tat Lim    
1:00 PM 5 Session Introductions Kian-Tat Lim    
1:05 PM 15 Billions of Stars on Off-the-shelf Software
Ani Thakar
1:20 PM 15 In Search of Higgs-Boson the Home-grown Way
Dirk Duellmann
1:35 PM 15 XRootD - A Decade Later
Andy Hanushevsky
1:50 PM 10 Reusing & Building Without Rediscovering for LSST
Jacek Becla
2:00 PM 15 Beyond Hadoop - Building the Analytics Infrastructure at Facebook
Ravi Murthy
2:15 PM 10 Funding Large-Scale Software Projects
Mike Stonebraker
2:25 PM 35 Discussion panel    
Lightning Talks Moderator: Jacek Becla    
3:00 PM 45 Lightning Talks (9 x 5 min)
1. RAW: High-performance queries over raw data, Miguel Branco / EPFL
2. Three Generations of the Vertica Query Optimizer, Nga Tran / Vertica
3. 2012 Government Big Data Solutions Award: Analyzing Cancer-Genome Relationships, Tom Plunkett / Oracle  
4. Distributed R for Big Data, Indrajit Roy / HP
5. Low Latency Security Log Analysis with Hadoop HBase, Dianhui Zhu, Peter Ng, Dennis Bourque / Chevron
6. Scaling the CDD Vault Technology for a Global Community of Drug Discovery Researchers' Private and Public Use Cases, Krishna Dole / Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD)
7. SciDB for Terabytes of Scientific Data - Experience at Berkeley Lab, Yushu Yao / LBNL/NERSC   
8. GenBase: A Complex Analytics DBMS Benchmark, Sam Madden, Michael Stonebraker, Manasi Vartak, Rebecca Taft / Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory M.I.T.
9. Building a Network of E-Commerce Concepts, Sandip Gaikwad, Sanjay Ghatare, Nish Parikh, Rajendra Shinde / eBay
3:45 PM 40 Poster Session + Demonstrations + Ice Creams      
Thought Provoking      
4:25 PM 25 A Vision and Research Program in "Big Data" Mike Stonebraker
4:50 PM 30 Comparative Analysis in an Expanding Universe of Microbial Genome & Metagenome Datasets
Victor Markowitz
(DOE Joint Genome Institute)
Data Management and Analysis Challenges, part I      
5:20 PM 30 BigFastData - Diagnostics, Predictive Analysis & Self Healing Systems
Yasir Anwar (Macy's)
5:50 PM   Adjourn      
6:00 PM 120 Reception and non-seated dinner
8:00 AM   Continental Breakfast (registration starts 7:30 AM, Knight Management Center)      
9:00 AM 5 Announcements XLDB Organizers    
Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry:
Data Management and Analysis Challenges
9:05 AM 35 Typical Data at the ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Steve Lacy
9:40 AM 35 The Now and Later of Large Scale Computing at Chevron
Peter Breunig
10:15 AM 20 Coffee Break      
Scaling MySQL for Web, and Beyond      
10:35 AM 35 The MySQL Ecosystem at Scale
Jeremy Cole
11:10 AM 35 Small Data at Peta Scale
Domas Mituzas & Harrison Fisk (Facebook)
Hardware Trends      
11:45 AM 45 Hardware and Its Effect on Software: Prepare for Massive Change
Per Brashers
(Yttibrium Consulting)
12:30 PM 60 Lunch      
Retail: Data Management and Analysis Challenges, part II      
1:30 PM 30 Transforming Retail with Multichannel Analytics
Anu Jain (Target)    
2:00 PM 30 Big Data Tools: Game Changer for Mainstream Enterprises
Aashish Chandra
(Sears, MetaScale) 
Lightning Talks Moderator: Jacek Becla    
2:30 PM 25 Big-Data Analytics Usability (Best voted 2013-lightning talk)
Magda Balazinska
2:55 PM 45 Lightning Talks (9 x 5 min)
1. Separation of Hadoop Processing and Storage at Netflix, Kurt Brown, Director, Data Platform / Netflix
2. The Importance of Late Binding for Big Data Analytics, Stephen Brobst / Teradata Corporation
3. Large-Scale Text Analytics - MapReduce or Parallel DBMSs?, Fei Chen, Meichun Hsu / HP Labs
4. Efficient k-mer indexing for metagomics search in NVRAM, Sasha Ames / Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
5. Delivering Big Data Technologies as a Service, Dj Das / Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions LLC
6. Analyzing 30 million patient lives across a million variable combinations, Arijit Sengupta / BeyondCore, CEO
7. Distributed Query Processing with MonetDB, Mengmeng Chen, Masood Mortazavi / Futurewei Technologies
8. In-Situ Processing of Genomic Sequence Alignment Data, Florin Rusu, Yu Cheng / University of California, Merced
9. I of T - Proxy Control, Justin Simonds, HP EG Americas Master Technologist
3:40 PM 40 Poster Session + Demonstrations + Extended Coffee Break      
Big Data, Electronic Trading and DBMS      
4:20 PM 30 Big Data in Electronic Securities Trading and Its Implications for DBMS
Alex Nazuruk
(Middle Lake Partners, LLC)
Conclusions and Closeout      
4:50 PM 10 Closing Remarks
Next conference planning, final conclusions and closeout
Jacek Becla
5:00 PM   Adjourn