Speaker List

Alexander Föhlisch (Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin) - Soft X-ray General and Solid State Aspects (seminar video)

Pieter Glatzel (ESRF Grenoble) - Hard X-ray Spectroscopy (seminar video)

Brian Kobilka (Stanford University) - Structural Approaches to Understanding G Protein Coupled Receptor Signaling

Michael Odelius (University of Stockholm) - Electronic structure and ultra-fast solution dynamics seen with X-ray vision through theoretical spectacles (seminar video)

Claudio Pellegrini (UC Los Angeles) - X-ray Free Electron Lasers (seminar video)

Nina Rohringer (CFEL Hamburg) - Nonlinear X-ray Optics

Robin Santra (CFEL Hamburg) - Fundamentals of X-ray-matter interactions

Oleg Shpyrko (UC San Diego) - Coherent X-ray Scattering at Ultrafast Timescales (seminar video)

Philippe Wernet (Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin) - Ultrafast Molecular Spectroscopy with X-rays: Experiment (seminar video)