Scientific Program

Monday, October 5, 2015
8:30   MEC Tours and Registration at Kavli Auditorium
10:30 Bolme/Glenzer/Fry Welcome
10:40 Arianna Gleason Pump-Probe Experiments on Earth Relevant Minerals
11:00 Chris Wehrenberg Lattice Relaxation and Twinning in Shock Compressed Tantalum
11:20 Richard Briggs  Phase Transitions and Shock Melting Sc and Bi
11:40 Dayne Fratanduono High-Pressure Polymorphism Of Diamond and The Implications For Meteorite Impact Events And Material Science
12:00   Group Photo, Lunch and Vendor Exhibition at Redwood Room
13:10 Emma McBride Normal and Transverse Diffraction Investigating Phase Transition Pathways in Dynamically Compressed Silicon
13:30 Bob Nagler The Phase Contrast Imaging Instrument at MEC
13:50 Tom Cowan Measuring Self-Generated Magnetic Fields From Laser-Sold Interaction

Christian Rödel

MEC Experiments on the Properties of Laser-Heated Dense Hydrogen
14:30 Eric Galtier In Situ Study of Hot Electron Propagation and Their Filamentation In Solids
14:50   Coffee Break
15:10 David Riley X-ray Scattering From Warm Dense Matter
15:30 Sheng Jiang Kinetic Ion Diffusion At Interfaces
15:50 Felicie Albert Study of Non-Thermal Melting in Silica with LCLS and Betatron Radiation
16:10 Michael MacDonald Using Psana For Online Data Analysis At LCLS
16:30   Poster Session, Vendor Exhibition and Reception at Redwood Room Patio
Tuesday, October 6, 2015
8:30 Mike Dunne LCLS
8:45 Sean Finnegan DOE-FES
9:15 Andy MacKinnon MEC status and outlook
10:15   Coffee Break
10:30 Alan Fry MEC Laser Status and Development Options
11:10 Sakura Pascarelli

X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy on Shocked Matter at ESRF

11:40 Juan Fernandez

Diagnosing Mixing of Heterogeneous Interfaces Enhanced By Plasma Effects:  A Crucial Application of X-ray Sources To An Important Problem

12:10   Lunch and Vendor Exhibition at Redwood Room
13:10 Ray Smith High Pressure X-ray Diffraction Experiments on the Omega and NIF Laser Facilities
13:40 Andrew Ng Electron Kinetics in Non-Equilibrium Warm Dense Gold
14:10 Ulf Zastrau HED Instrument at XFEL
14:40   Coffee Break
15:00 Technology Round Table

Future Laser Development Options at MEC - Straw Men and Break Points

16:30    Poster Session, Vendor Exhibition, and Reception at Redwood Room Patio


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