Poster Information

General Instructions

Each author will be assigned half of an 8' w x 4' h poster board on which diagrams, graphs, data, picture, and small amount of text may be mounted. Posters should be no larger than 48"w x 40"h.  You will be provided with tacks or pins to mount your papers to the board. No audio-visual equipment will be supplied. It is suggested that poster authors make preprints of their papers available to participants. The poster should be readable from a distance of a least 1.5 m (5 feet). Suggested sizes include: minimum graph size 25 cm (10”), section heading letter 1 cm (1/3”), and text and figure lettering not less than 0.5 cm (1/8”). Each author will be expected to remain with his/her poster presentation throughout the poster sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Poster Guidelines
  • DO use large, easy-to-read letters
  • DO include a heading title, with Author(s) and Institution(s)
  • DO include a brief abstract
  • DO include clear figures and tables
  • DO NOT simply post up typed pages from your paper
  • DO NOT clutter poster with details
  • Posters should be self-explanatory


  • Poster abstracts are due by September 15, 2015
  • PDFs of final posters are due by September 25, 2015