2013 SUNCAT Summer Institute - Group Photo

SLAC/Stanford Summer Institute 2013: Heterogenous Catalysis for Energy Transformations

DATES:  August 25-30, 2013
LOCATION:  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park

SUNCAT will hold a Summer Institute on Catalysis for Energy Transformations from August 25 (early morning) through August 30 (late afternoon) 2013 at SLAC/Stanford University. The institute aims to give the participants a thorough introduction to the fundamental concepts underlying heterogeneous catalytic reactions with a special focus on energy transformations. The theoretical and experimental tools for establishing an atomic-level understanding of surface structure, and surface chemical, electrochemical, and photo-electrochemical processes will be discussed in detail in lectures and the participants will be carrying out exercises on the topics covered. The institute is aimed at graduate students as well as early career researchers in chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, or materials science, with an interest in experimental or theoretical studies of surface chemical processes and their applications in energy transformations, environmental and general chemical processes.