Link to Agenda (updated on 7/16/13)

Welcome - Robert Hettel (Welcome Slides)

Introductory Lecture - Claudio Pellegrini (Intro Lecture Slides)

SSSEPB Discussion Topics - Dao Xiang (Discussion Topic Assignment Slides)

Lecture 1. Lecturer Zhirong Huang (Lecture 1 Slides)

Basic concepts in electron and photon beams: electron beam phase space description, beam emittance and envelop functions, beam properties under simple transport. Photon beam coherence properties, brightness and phase space methods, electron bunching and radiation intensity enhancement. 3 hours              

Lecture 2. Lecturer Pietro Musumeci (Lecture 2 - Part 1) (Lecture 2 - Part 2)

Generation of electron beams: physics of photocathodes, photoinjectors, alternative sources using ultra-cold gases or plasmas, fundamental limits on beams phase space density. Visit to ASTA. 3 hours           

Lecture 3. Lecturer Tor Raubenheimer (Lecture 3 - Part 1) (Lecture 3 - Part 2) (Lecture 3 - Part 3)

Generation of photon beams from relativistic electrons, synchrotron and undulator radiation, FEL collective instability and X-ray FELs. 3 hours.                                      

Lecture 4. Lecturer Cecile Limborg (Lecture 4 Slides)

Status and prospects in electron sources, and measuring high brightness electron beam in the sub-micrometer, femtosecond scale. 2 hours                                        

Lecture 5. Lecturer David Reis (Lecture 5 Slides)

Measuring the coherence properties of the radiation from X-ray FELs and application of X-ray FELs. 2 hours

Lecture 6. Lecturer Carl Schroeder (Lecture 6 Slides)

Physics and applications of plasma-based electron accelerators. 1 hour

Lecture 7. Lecturer Marvin Seibert (Lecture 7 Slides)

Structural biology with an x-ray free-electron laser. 1 hour

Project Presentations

Emittance Exchange

External Injections in Plasma Accelerators

Inverse Compton Scattering

Inverse Free Electron Laser

Novel Electron Sources

Slice Energy Spread Growth in a Photoinjector