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SSI 2013 Projects


The projects for this year's SSI are designed to engage students and postdocs on a few specific aspects from each of the three Frontiers of Snowmass 2013: 


Energy Frontier:

EF1:  Under which circumstances is a fourth generation still allowed?  If a b’-quark is discovered at 850 GeV, what experiment would you perform to study its properties?

EF2:  Compare and contrast the Higgs coupling measurements at the ILC, LHC upgrades, and a potential muon collider.  Describe the sensitivity to potential BSM effects in each Higgs coupling.

EF3: Compute the search reach at future colliders for a new heavy neutral gauge boson that has the same fermionic couplings as the Standard Model Z, taking into account experimental uncertainties.  Which collider has the best reach and why?

EF4: If a signal is observed at the LHC that is consistent with a 750 GeV stop-squark decaying into a top-quark plus missing energy, what other experiments would you perform to determine its characteristics and the model from which it arises.


Cosmic Frontier: 

CF1:   If there is an ~8 GeV dark matter WIMP candidate, what follow up experiments would you perform to verify its existence and study it’s properties?

CF2:  What experiment would you perform to clarify the situation of the 130 GeV gamma ray line?  What is the prospect for studying this phenomena in the lab?

CF3:  What experiments can be built to prove whether dark energy arises from the cosmological constant and how would you probe such models?


Intensity Frontier:

IF1:  Compare the advantages and disadvantages between on-axis and off-axis experiments for measuring the mass hierarchy and delta, the CP violating parameter, in the neutrino sector?

IF2:  How would you design an experiment to uncontroversially  measure direct CP violation in charm decays at the sub-percent level?

IF3:  If the presently observed deviation in the measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon persists, how can one quantify this with better precision?  If this discrepancy were due to new physics, what BSM explanations can be observed by direct searches for new particles at a 1 TeV ILC or 14 TeV LHC? 


You are asked to elect two choices of projects from the Google Doc online. Based on the results of the election, we will consolidate the participants into a few teams working on the most popular preferences. The process of building an effective collaboration is part of this exercise. We will form the teams during the Monday Jul/8 project kick-off session after answering some initial questions on the projects. There will be several afternoon  time windows dedicated to the project team work. Each teams is asked to elect one-two representatives to report on the findings of the team during the project concluding session on Thursday Jul/18. Teams wishing to utilize the presence of experts at the SSI and SLAC as your resources for information, SSI organizers can help you to setup "interviews" with the relevant people.     


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